Our Logistics Division goes back over 10 years but our focus remains the same. This is to offer our customers quality and delivery at a competitive cost. Our aim is to build long term partnerships with our customers and work together to maximize efficiency.


Our fleet now totals an impressive 12 vehicles including:

1. Vans
2. Buses
3. Mini buses
4. 10 ton lorries
5. Canters
6. Trailers

With over 90% of the fleet now under 7 years old we are constantly improving it to ensure high levels of reliability, enhanced driver satisfaction and better fuel efficiencies.

Account Management

Our customers benefit from dealing with our highly experienced account managers, who are in regular contact with our central planning and customer service teams, to ensure a clear channel of communication.


Highly experienced planning teams are located at our depot. We use a Road Transport Management System to ensure routes are planned within legal driver hours and duty time.

With our depot operating 24 x 7, our teams are always available and ready for any last minute or urgent requests. Most of our network operates throughout the evening.

We are in regular contact with our drivers using the latest tracking technology. We also run a modern transport planning system ensuring visibility of the network to all depots. This allows cost-effective planning across our network.

Customer Service

Our dedicated customer service team operates 24 x 7, and run a “planned vs. actual” estimated time of arrival for every single delivery. We are always proactive and deal very quickly with potential issues. We believe in strong communication and transparency with our customers.

We provide a wide range of Key Performance Indicators and reports which are monitored daily by the team and management who always strive for the ever-important 100% on time performance.